We recommend you classic routes that can be adjusted through your needs and preferences. Our luxury cars and experienced colleagues, guarantee you unforgettable moments. Greece is a Southeastern European country, situated at the edge of the Balkan Peninsula in the Mediterranean, one of the few countries with the longest and richest history! In Greece, science, democracy and philosophy was born. It’s the birthplace of the Olympic Games, drama, tragedy and comedy.

  • +Korinthos - Loutraki

    An hour outside of Athens, you can visit the seaside town of Korinthos which was one of the most powerful cities of Greek antiquity. It is located at the edge of the Isthmus, a narrow strip of land that connects the Peloponnese with mainland of Greece. Walking through the ruins of the old city,you can feel the wonderful ancient atmosphere. You continue to Loutrakicity where you can enjoy your walk to the famous beach which is full of famous shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and the casino! 746278366842931449928776

  • +Saint Luke - Delphi

    Following the road to Livadia, you will find the most important Byzantine monument of Greece, Saint Luke’s monastery in a picturesque hillside! The monastery with the two large churches, the crypt, the cells and the surrounding buildings has acquired unique reputation. Admire this form of art that is considered a model for the Byzantine monuments of the 11th century all over Greece. You continue towards the foothills of mountain Parnassus and youmeet Delphi, an amazing ancient village overlooking theCorinthian Gulf with the small low celling houses and traditional taverns. In this unique place is located the ancient oracle of the Delphi, the most important oracle in the ancient world! Most of the monuments are in a very good condition and recount ancient Greece. You will be amazed from the position of the temple of Apollo in the sanctuary. The rich collections of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi which mainly include architectural sculptures, statues and miniatures are very interesting to see. 12839089413873568911605880535951740

  • +Nafplio

    A few hours out of Athens is the picturesque Nafplio. It is built at the foot of the two fortresses of Palamidi and Akronayplia and was defined as the first capital city of the independed state of Greece in 1830. The Akronayplia is the old part of the town. Walk towards Constitution Square,passing through the shops of the pedestrian zone and the coast. There you can enjoy fresh fish and local traditional delicacies. The new town extends to the foot of Palamidi, a medieval fortress and very ambitious project built by the Venetians in a hill 216 meters tall.At the entrance to the harbor 450 meters from the pier, dominates Mpoyrtzi an island fortress that protected them from enemies coming from the sea. Relax and swim in the beautiful beaches! mpourtziplateia-sudagmatosDSC00288

  • +Archaeological Nemea

    Approximately 1.5 hours outside of Athens you find Nemea. Beautiful archaeological sites and vineyards in a charming Mediterranean landscape. Nemea is an ideal destination for the whole family and for the naturalists. You will be guided to the ancient temple of Zeus where the Nemean took place, one of the four Panhellenic athletic games in ancient times. You can enjoy its endless vineyards that pop up between bushes or perched on tree trunks and their unique varieties with international recognition! You can complete your walks and finish the rest of your day to the wineries where you can have the opportunity to taste many unique flavors of Greece. 19109285342300247

  • +Thermopylae - Delphi

    Outside Athens and driving from the new national road you visit the singular tomb of Thermopylae where you will have the opportunity to admire the statue of Leonidas. A monument erected to commemorate the historic Battle of Thermopylae. The Spartan King Leonidas and 300 resisted the Persian king Xerxes! You continue towards the foothills of mountain Parnassus and you meet Delphi, an amazing ancient village overlooking theCorinthian Gulf with the small low celling houses and traditional taverns. The place is unique and here was the ancient oracle of the Delphi, the most important oracle in the ancient world! Most of the monuments are in a very good condition and recount ancient Greece. You will be amazed from the position it has the temple of Apollo in the sanctuary. Also it is interesting to see the richest collections of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi which are mainly consisted of architectural sculptures, statues and miniatures. 846794381271907351744346

  • +Mycenae

    A few hours outside of Athens are Mycenae, one of the most powerfulsities in ancient Greece. It was built on a rocky hill at the far edge of a strong torrent. The peaks of Mount Euboea dominate the Acropolis of Mycenae that will amaze you from the first moment you will look upon the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon and the cradle of the Micenaean civilization. The imposing city walls are still in excellent condition! 185536511166795778

  • +Olympia - Epidaurus

    Epidaurus is situated 1.5 hours outside of Athens. It’s the historical city at the eastern side of Argolida area. It was built on a picturesque sheltered bay. It is proud because of its natural beauty, but also for the worlds heritage sites it hosts. Most important is the temple of Asclepius, the Dome and the great ancient theater. In the small picturesque harbor inside the orange and pine trees you will have many options such as visiting traditional taverns and tasting fresh fish and the variety of other Greek delicacies. Next stop is Olympia, where you can smell the thousands of pines that dominant the area. In the village of Olympia you can wander around the small shops buying souvenirs. The archeological sites will gain your interest. Temples, tributes and buildings of different periods are preserved until today. The temple of Zeus dominates and hosts the gold and ivory statue. You can also see the workshop of Phidias, the temple of Hera, the Leonidion, the Philippieion. 4011941567551391DSC011514463345275040507

  • +Meteora - Lake Plastiras 2 or 3 days

    You will have the opportunity to experience something unique in the world, with your visit at the other worldly cliffs of Meteora. It΄s listed as a protected human monument from the Unesco. 30 million years ago formations between the mountains were created when the sea, which covered the region that period, begun to recede and created patterns with rocks that finally solidified and created this unique spectacle. The first monasteries were built at the top ofthere rocks at the beginning at the 14th century.Today only 6 from the 24 monasteries are still operating and can be visited. Monks, priests and great painters during the last centuries created amazing frescoes inside the temple of Meteora. Many other treasures such as relics and miniatures are still preserved! Continuing your journey to Lake Plastirasyou canbe assured that the natural beauty combined with stylish accommodation at the area, will have your day and expectations fulfilled!! You can stay in luxurious hotels (pools, spa etc) or other traditional guesthouses perfectly matched with the fabulous surroundings. The pace is also famous for the cuisine as you can find delicious dishes from natural ingredients of the area and the local incredible cookers.Plastira Lake has an enormous variety of attractions, religious monuments of great architecture, monasteries, museums, bridges, caves and spots with panoramic views of the magnificent lake. This entire scene is surrounded by cozy villages that make fabulous landscapes! 1382827101314698271382827281267485768506738

  • +Casinos in Greece

    Some of the Greek casinosare listed as the biggest in the whole Europe. Your visit to one of the nearby casinos in Athens, apart from the central gaming halls canoffer many additional services such as beautiful restaurants, bars, reception areas, luxurious hotel facilities with thalassotherapy centers.

    Casino Mont Parnes The casino is located at the top mountain Parnithawhich is National Park. Already story 44 years as a casino keeps surprising with the new renovations. It has recently launched the new cable with continuous flow that will enable you enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain and whole Athens as you climb. Also offers new playgrounds, new restaurant, leisure, and coffee-bar and private salons for its members. At the casino’s public area you can admire the decoration with priceless works of art.

    Casino Loutraki The biggest Greek casino situated 80klm outside Athens has a quiet environment with glamorous atmosphere and lots of games for strong players. From 2002 in the same place the 5-star hotel Club Hotel Casino Loutraki operates with great success. It is a place that combines majestic halls and amusements places for everybody who wants to have fun and spend the day pleasantly. Casino Rio Casino Rio is 8 km outside of the center of Patras and overlooks the magnificent bridge linking Rio to Antirrio. The available games are from the most popular in all casinos. Already the first tournament Texas Holden took part with great participation from the world. The casino is 1500sqm and is located within the central facilities of Porto Rio Casino. It also features restaurants and exciting entertainment rooms. 97870709

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